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UPDATE I have moved and now reside in Minnesota. I have not changed the website (because of no time)  but wanted to put a notice on here as I get a lot of email about upcoming litters.

I will not be breeding or showing cats due to my relocation.

Please follow a link on Available page with people I know to have quality cats available. 


Hello and welcome to Furry Critters home on the web. My fur family and I are blessed by living

 in a tranquil place nestled in Michigan’s “thumb area”. About 2 hours NW of Detroit in  rural Sanilac County. Truly a breathtaking ride along Lake Huron’s scenic shoreline. (M-25) Wildlife, agriculture and simple pleasures are what keep my family content living in this area. There is just something about the county air!

       My name is Kim and I have been very blessed to be able to own and breed Himalayans & Persian (CPC’s) for close to 20 years now, give or take. But before/during some of this time I was more so involved with American Kennel Club (GSD) and field handled German Shorthaired Pointers. It seems I have a lifelong calling for animal rescue, also. Currently we don’t own any dogs, so my furry ones get free roam of the home and truly are my fur ornaments.  

After many years of dedication to the breed, I am fortunate to have these prestigious bloodlines in my current Himalayan program. Kitty Charm, Tanglebox, Prancenpaws, Cacao, Inthewind, Oakheaven Loralyn, Larimyr to name a few. I am a member of a couple cat clubs and I look forward to exhibiting and learning as I go. There is so much to take in but I am blessed with time and this is a passion as well as a hobby to be among fellow feline fanciers.

Our kittens are typically placed as “pets” (no matter the quality) they come spay/ neutered . Each has a health record (vaccination, worming schedule) with a packet of accessories. Bringing home new kitten booklet, tips (websites, breed information,

prevention tips) food, toys and starter grooming aids.


 I offer lifetime support also on any of my kittens.


I may give consideration to breeder/show quality kittens to be placed on an individual basis in approved show/breeding homes.


 Please feel free to look around these pages. My breeding program is Himalayan’s in most point colors (excluding chocolate).

I also have beautiful Persian (color point carriers) and those stunning
Blue Eyed White Persians available on occasion.
 Please look at the available page to see what is
currently available.

My goal here is to produce cats with beautiful, sweet open expressions and loving personalities. I am breeding for consistency within the CFA (Cat Fanciers Ass. )  written breed standard (type, body structure, temperament) for Himalayan Persians with character and health being equally important also. I am pleased to have some wonderful bloodlines  as the foundation of my program. I am hoping to have more Home grown Furry Critters being shown in CFA this current year. Watch for updates****

Our Mission

Our Guarantee

Each of our kittens comes with a written guarantee spelling out what it covers.  All my adult cats have been tested using DNA (US Davis) and are negative for PKD. My adults are also tested and given health clearances by a Licensed Veterinarian and Negative for Felv, Fiv and all parasites that can be tested using PCR technology (at this time) I am flea & fungus free, but still practice prevention as a golden rule. I free feed my cats grain free/high protein diet and also give supplements stirred into a wet diet for prevention and maintenance of good urinary as well as over all health. (FUDS/FLUDS prevention diet)